This unique and satirical project called "Gloomy Dudes" contains a limited collection of hand drawn cards.
The Gloomy Dudes NFT Collection

The Plot:

The purpose of this project is to draw attention to the main problem of everyday life. These days, being under the pressure of various irritants, sometimes it could be hard for each of us to pay attention to all those beautiful things that surround us. Do not let the all-consuming and fast pace of life deprive you of the opportunity to enjoy every moment of life, each of us deserves to be happy, so don't be gloomy, let The Gloomy Dudes take on this task. There would be a limited collection of unique and badass dudes stored on Solana blockchain and they are waiting for you!

About our NFT cards:

Each Gloomy Dude NFT card is unique,

so if you decide to have one, there

would be no one with the same card

What are Gloomy Dudes:

Gloomy Dudes is a unique collection

of NFT cards made by artist Sejj

How to get a Gloomy Dude card:

You can find our collection on SOLSEA

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